Monday, September 6, 2010

Who is John Blog?

I'm part of this cool blog called Sketch Frolic, which is basically a bunch of my tightest homies from 3rd floor Montgomery Hall at SCAD drawing variations on a new theme every week. Or, you know, every month. Or whenever somebody feels like it. I'll link you to it using the mad HTML skills I developed from using Neopets too much when I was 12.

This is my entry to the Dickensian Street Urchins category which I think I accidentally chose for everybody, an enterprising young lad named Dickon Pope. Dickon was left in a paper sack as a newborn on the doorstep of the local pub and was adopted by the bartender in the way a bookstore might adopt a cat. He is the wiliest, purplest 8 year old Wino in the greater London area, and together with his long suffering labradoodle Wobbles picks more pockets and lives more life than any other illiterate gutter flower around.

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