Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Long and Winding Blog

These are a few selected pages from my flatbook. They're all drawings from the winter and spring of this past year that I used as part of a longer book to show the creative process I use when designing a character. I worked so hard on some of these images but even a few months later I'm beginning to see things that I could resolve a lot more effectively now.

That's kind of the thing about being an artist-- once you complete a piece there's only a window of a few months until you can't stand the sight of it anymore. I assume this is why I don't really know any artists who decorate their own walls with their artwork, and also why we (Or maybe that's just me) hate it when our moms hang up our old still lives in the kitchen! It's a pain sometimes but I start worrying if I don't get that feeling because it's really the only way I know I'm improving. It also gives me a big old hankering to do another flatbook!

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