Saturday, September 8, 2012

Casting MaGiC!!11

I've got this bust of Socrates on my desk that I draw sometimes when I can't think of anything else art-related to do. The drawings were all pretty grim at first but I found something that really helped:

 I got this book called "Classical Drawing Atelier" for my birthday which, in the few pages in the very back of the book that have any sort of actionable instructions for improving your artwork, outlines this method of cast drawing (but I think it can kind of be applied to any kind of observational drawing) in which the main forms are blocked in with a bunch of intersecting lines. Like, the line that defines the back of this sculpture's neck, if followed through, can define his browline as well. It's a lot easier to keep features positioned correctly in relation to each other this way than my own homemade method, which involves drawing a bunch of circles and stuff ontop of each other until they sort of resemble a face and then hatching out details from there.

 Y'all should give it a try!

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