Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tommy Lee Jones-- Progress!

I feel like I never post anything finished on this blog, but here you go. I've got about a zillion personal projects going on at once and it helps me to stay motivated if I get to post something on here every once in a while even if it's not in any real state of completion.

So I was SUPER PROUD of myself working on this and then I flipped it to a mirror image in Photoshop and realized that it's pretty lopsided and wonky and doesn't look as much like him as I thought it did.

It's funny how your brain plays tricks on you-- the longer you stare at a piece of art the more your thoughts and preconceptions start constructing a pair of proverbial artistic beer goggles that sort of blind you to what's actually going on. Sometimes it takes looking at a piece in a mirror to shake it off and see things for what they are.

Which, actually, sounds like some convoluted metaphor for life. I didn't mean it that way, but if you got a sudden philosophical urge back there I think you should just run with it.

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