Thursday, June 9, 2011


So years ago my friend Annelise and I were in this strange competition thing where we tried to come up with an idea for an animated pilot that the Disney Channel might think about funding. Our idea was called 1001 Simple Spells, and followed the lives of two excruciatingly average children in their hilarious journey to become the Greatest Wizards Ever. Their guide and mentor along this journey is Mrs. Euphegenia Crenshaw, a feisty, ancient half-senile old witch and her anthropomorphic spellbook. We didn't win, probably for excellent reasons, but the idea's always stuck with me and I kind of want to keep going with it.

Here's Euphie's kitchen, a mix of the modern and the completely archaic. The electric cauldron is the glue that holds any wizarding home together and the mismatched cabinets add a hint of lopsided whimsy to any shindig, hootenanny, or box social, magical or otherwise.

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  1. Well it might be because they have a show called wizards of waverly place...I think that's what it's called. Anyways they were probably pissed because your idea is so much better than what they could come up with, and because Disney heads don't have a sense of humor. ~Jess