Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog on the Range

I spent seven years in a place called Dripping Springs, Texas. We had goats that lived in a barn at our high school, there was a barbecue smoker directly outside the biology hall, and the Ag. teacher had students shoot and bring in dead squirrels for the annual taxidermy fiesta. It was a colorful time in my life, and although it goes against everything I believed when I was actually living there, I sort of miss it from time to time and a faint, mesquite-scented poof of longing emits from the nostalgia lobe of my brain. This sometimes manifests itself in an insatiable desire to draw armadillos. So that's pretty much what I did.

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  1. This looks fantastic, Katie! I know what you mean about having nostalgic feelings of the deep South, even I thought my surroundings were so distasteful as a kid. They are actually quite humorous looking back at it, and I'm tempted to make my own tribute piece to my roots soon. :)